We have met the widest smiles on yacht decks, anchored in secluded coves of the Ionian and Aegean seas. Some of them with their families were enjoying playing in the water with their children. Οthers, with a cold glass of Greek, fruity wine in hand, let the rays of the hot sun fall vertically on their skin, closing their eyes and smelling a smell that anyone who knows it will hardly ever forget. They are people genuinely happy, deeply mindful and tuned in to the present.
Τo experience the maximum of pleasure and the full “ package of emotions” on board it is necessary to have solved important practical parts.
  • where to anchor
  • where to eat
  • where are the best fishmongers and delis for the chefs to buy local products
  • how can be anything delivered by helicopter in a remote anchorage
  • arrange a hard-to-get restaurant booking
We appreciate local networks and guides, it is one way when you want to experience yachting as it deserves.