SOMEWHERE... don’t tell!
Here comes the crucial question..:

    - What does luxury mean to you?
Αnd to be a little more specific, in what order of importance would you put the following?

1. authenticity_
2. privacy_
3. prestige_

Ιf you agree with the order in which we placed them then you are in the right page. Here the goal is one and it is clear, to make sure you experience a genuine travel experience, strictly personalized and adapted to your personality and mentality, creating unique experiences that will connect your memories of Greece with senses and emotions.

For the even more adventurous who want to experience something unprecedented in terms of travel experience, we have something unique for you. Our team puts all its art into planning surprise trips for our special clients.

We are proud to say that this is the strongest and most beloved part of our job, since here the bet for us is big:

To design an experience that will exceed all your expectations without you knowing the details of the trip before it starts.
No, you did not understand something wrong.
Only we will know where and what. You will find out everything, including the destination, at the airport.