“Let me shop
and no one gets hurt”
“Let me
and no one
gets hurt”
- Are you that guy? Let’s think.., you are here looking at this page. Ok, obviously you are, admit it with pride.
We have great news for you. We love fashion and haute couture too and we are proud “victims” of famous brand houses. Follow us in an authentic shopping experience and let it be our common secret.
ο Ιn the sanctuaries
of Greek designers

We guide you to the studios
of famous Greek designers
to experience a unique
experience of haute couture.
+ Voukourestiou Str.
, Kolonaki

Walk along the most atmospheric
pedestrian street with the famous
boutiques. Even if this place is
quite busy as it is located in the
heart of Athens, we have all the means
to turn it into an entirely private experience.
It is true.