This blessed land is what you need if seeking a holiday beyond imagination. A one-way path if you are looking for a setting that embodies the essence of supreme comfort and a highly authentic version of wellness as a lifestyle and not just as facilities and services.
A proof that paradise exists.

The land of history and gastronomy, the spectacular Peloponnese that changes “faces” with each change of season and makes us unable to choose which one suits it best. The common destination for the global elite who choose high standard accommodation and love gastronomy and Golf. If you belong to this list then for sure you know Amanzoe, Costa Navarino - Romanos & Westin Resorts- and Nikki Beach.

What you do not know are the truly hidden treasures of Peloponnese in the field of accommodation and wellness which remain - we do not know for how long - a closely guarded secret. Places and services that emphasize what we deeply believe:
luxury means privacy, self care, personal growth and spiritual and physical rest.