- The epitome of high-end traveling. The place for the most demanding visitors to enjoy VIP experiences. The most iconic islands in the nation, the destination of top-class entertainment, frequented by celebrities and jet-setters from all corners of the world.

- Oh no, no.. Please stop and tell me something new.. !

Well, we treat travel and luxury as experiences, that's the difference. Respecting this principle, we decided to re-explore Mykonos with a new eye - an objective one - in search of the authentic experiences it can give us. Guess what happened.. We discovered another Mykonos.
A Lost Atlantis, just as luxurious, with so many possibilities but with a completely different dynamic.

Τhree points stood out from the findings. Let's start with the intangible, which looking back at the decades was the one that made the island what it is today. The sense of freedom.
The second was the beaches that are not properly mentioned by any guide, if we take into account that they are some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean.
For the end we left the gastronomy. Νo, it’s not about the premium sushi that one can find there or about the popular restaurants of the hotels. We are talking about something much more and very different from what you know about Mykonos cuisines. Both in terms of raw materials and products as well as in recipes and way of preparation, the island has to offer you gastronomic experiences you cannot believe they exist as long as you know where to look. We do and we look forward to showing you.

Imagine living the experience of this island as a superstar of 1980, enjoying the authentic sense of freedom of that time, intertwined with the possibilities of modern luxury. Imagine if there was a magic button that with one push you transform from completely visible and "popular" to entirely invisible and free, enjoying private moments and all this in the context of absolute luxury.

This is Mykonos for us.