Praised by Seferis and Elytis in the homonymous poem. A place where silence manages to give birth to speech and redefine the boundaries of beauty. Τhe place that signaled to our great sculptor Costas Varotsos that he must return to Greece, when after arriving after many years from Italy to Santorini late at night he woke up in the morning and saw from his window the blue horizon. This landscape had so much art in it that did not leave him many options. He had to come back.
Or a trip. The one that takes you to a hospitable homeland, to the homeland of emotions, of imagination, of colors.
When the ferry leaves behind Ios island and enters the bay formed by the caldera, the human soul is tested in front of the insurmountable awe of the most wonderful creation of nature, a creation that manages to launch sudden and dazzling waves of light towards each direction.

Another non-negotiable value of Santorini which deserves your attention is its position in the Οld World of wines. Wine production here is estimated before the eruption of its legendary volcano, i.e. more than 3,000 years ago. So we can deliver on a promise for the connoisseurs of grape distillate.

Santorini will be an unforgettable page in the book with their experiences, as it is about the place where the history of wine meets the rite of wine drinking in all its glory.