There is a reputation of being a party island but no, Ios is not limited to only this scene. Υou may be wondering why we chose Ios from the list with numerous Greek islands and singled it out in our column with the destinations. Οk, let's see what the reasons were.

- Τhe mentality and philosophy of the locals regarding tourism, development, environment and their place. In particular, they deeply believe that “we don’t have to damage the Earth to accomplish our dreams”, a motto which they support and confirm in practice on a daily basis.

- A hotel or an art exhibition?? An ultra-luxury 5-star tranquil retreat and definitely a place like no other.Built amphitheatrical embracing Pappas beach will leave you breathless because of its unique architecture, interior design and the striking artworks and installations which adorn every corner of it and which are all creations of the owner and his family. Resembling a more modern, island version of Gaudi village, but maintaining its own personal character.

    - Pathos - An experience that satisfies all the senses by combining ideally the finest Mediterranean gastronomy with a wide selection of wines from Greece and worldwide, a view of the Aegean that takes your breath away and a sunset equal to that of the Caldera’s Santorini.
Ios is a perfect choice for Island-hopping lovers to visit with a helicopter, RIB or yacht during their vacation on Cycladic islands but undoubtedly can be a destination on its own. A Cycladic gem located right between the islands of Paros, Naxos and Santorini and a dreamy paradise for those who prefer the quiet and discreet side of luxury.