Ιmagine a painter's palette where yellow and blue were mistakenly mixed and the most beautiful blue-green colors were created inside.
His magical hand used them generously and shaped the most idyllic landscapes you have ever seen.

Think of a complex of Caribbean islands located in Greece. Yes, this is exactly how the blue colors of the Ionian are with the difference that here you have much more to see and experience.
The first and main reasons why the lovers of yachting choose Ionian Seas for their itineraries are due to their calmness and stillness. The further reasons are the small islands with the picturesque ports, the islets with the occult private lush beaches and the many hidden places of this archipelago which are accessible only by sea.

A strong, representative example of an on-board itinerary with a private yacht in the Ionian Sea starts from Corfu and descends with the first stop in Paxos and Antipaxos. Then passing inside Lefkada continues with the next stops Meganisi and Kastos, mainly for swimming and food while the bays there are ideal for overnight on-board. Next station for swimming is Atokos where you will fall in love with the white sand in contrast with the deep blue water, a breathtaking scenery which looks more like the Caribbean than the islet in the middle of the Ionian Sea in Greece.
This trip could not end without a stop in Ithaca, the historical home of Homer’s Odysseus, for swimming and fresh grilled fish for launch and a dinner in the picturesque Fiscardo with an overnight stay in its port which is really like a movie set.

Leave it in our hands with absolute confidence and let us design for you the ideal travel plan to experience the Ionian Sea as it deserves.

We promise to share with you all the secrets we know but the guides do not.