Gastronomy has something almost metaphysical, something non-verbal, like a silent living organism with its own aura, who is trying to say something about each place.
“Tell me what was
the most memorable
dinner of your life
without thinking about it.”
Among the answers we received to the question, not a single Michelin star, not even a famous chef, and not a very expensive restaurant was found.

It was a stop in the middle of nowhere in a mountain village of Naxos. Returning hungry from the beach we stopped at the cafe in the square. The owner fried fresh eggs with handmade sausages and potatoes from his garden which he sprinkled with oregano cut from the pot. It was a "drunk" seafood pasta after a frantic August night in Patmos. It was a generous sandwich with hot, sourdough bread, gruyere and crimson tomato, bathed in golden olive oil that was offered by a Cretan old woman in Anogia. It was a sunset under a tamarisk tree in Skyros where I do not remember what we ate.

It was ultimately Dionysianism. A sense missing from any haute cuisine guide.
    Cheers to the local knowledge..
The Greek vineyard has spoken for hundreds of years and has expressed itself.
But who are those who spotted and cultivated the potential of native varieties and took the Greek wines to the world?
We present to you the game-changers.
Andreas Cambas: the Father of the native, top prize winning cognac

Vangelis Gerovassiliou: the Magician of the whites and king of Malagouzia

Paris Sigalas: the Dreamer from Santorini and the loyal Protector and Resquer of Mavrotragano variety

Yiannis Boutaris: the Household Name. The man who introduced Nemea as the Tuscany of Greece

George Skouras: the winemaker from Argos who instrumented the rebirth of winemaking in Greece in the 1980s

Thanassis Parparoussis: the Risk-Taker who won the bet when in 1974 opened a state-of-the-art winery near Patras
What does wine mean to you?

A drink? A ritual? Τhe connection to your memories? Maybe a companion in your culinary experiences?
Just tell us and we will take care of your acquaintance with the visionaries of fine Greek wines.