The right question for us is not “Where are you from?”, but “Where are you connected to?” and to make it more specific the question is “Where do you feel local??”.
Crete is an answer we often come across in this question.

It is almost magical how this place manages to make you feel part of it in every possible way. You become friends with its people, part of its tradition. Τhe place itself invites you to love it, transporting you to another world where authenticity matters and celebration means a daily routine.

Allure of exclusivity in its most discreet and authentic version, local flair, spirit, and festivity as well as the combination of all this with the Mediterranean cuisine at its best, enriched with the local Cretan gastronomy and tradition will make Crete for you an experience worth remembering for a lifetime.

We will not waste time over-analyzing the facilities that one can find and enjoy in the luxurious accommodation located in Elounda or Agios Nikolaos, but we will recommend you trust us with your eyes closed, especially when it comes to Crete.

We will only give you the following information as an item.
Almost all those who explored it with us, utilizing our local knowledge, had a common question at the end of their trip.

    - How can we have our own house in Crete so we come every year?