Travelling across Greece without “stop and stare”- at least for five days- this city with substantial contrasts is like having a dinner by Alain Ducasse skipping the main course. Imagine a Greek travel alphabet where “A” is for Athens. You cannot just skip it or take a quick glance and go to the next letter, it is the beginning and the prologue to all that follows.

Yes, Athens is an ideal starting point from which to board an exclusive helicopter or a super yacht to explore the "hidden treasures" of the Greek mainland or set out on a voyage to the stunning Greek Islands, but ,truly, it is not only this.

Αs genuine Athenians and at the same time ambassadors of authentic luxury, we invite and challenge you to follow us in an experience which you will want to share with your loved ones returning home but believe us the words will not be enough to do so.

The Athenian Riviera during the day looks like the island you see in your dreams and Athens by night is like a glass sphere full of gold dust, intimacy, and magic. Ιt's like living two lives, two heroes in different movies whose scenes alternate into two diametrically opposed plots. On the one hand the earthly paradise of the Athenian coastline and on the other a party full of surprises when even one is never quite alone.

Board the roller coaster and indulge in whatever awaits you along the way.