We design experiences, not vacations. We create emotions with luxury and authenticity.

Concierge is the emotional intelligence that honestly and openly recognise human needs. We know, luxury is a sense, not a material element. Mindfulness is a necessary luggage and Greece is your second home to be if you discover it with us. + read more ●

Concierge is empathic and prompt satisfaction of human needs.

DIONEBLUE encloses at its core the human, living substance, just like a fertilized ovum, which is made up of two DNA sequences: the fathers’ and that of the mother. All services are crafted to serve human emotions.


A Greek woman significantly inspired by her country. Born in 1991 in Munich, Germany to Greek parents, Elena Niarchos is an obsessed traveler with the innate need to seek and find a deeper sense of things. She loves luxury and simplicity equally. She knows that the most expensive things on earth are intangible.

You will often hear her say “My heritage is my feelings and my fortune are the experiences that gave birth to them and the secret places I have discovered travelling across Greece.” Elena wants to share her wealth with those who are open to see Greece through her eyes and touch the intersection of the three axes: absolute luxury – simplicity – ultra blue. This is an inner and non-negotiable need that led her to found and lead DIONEBLUE.